To Market, To Market:
Get Your Home Ready to Sell

If you’re thinking of moving this spring or summer, now’s the time to spruce up the inside of your home.

Keep in mind that quality counts when making repairs or improvements – especially when you want to fetch top price for your home. We can help you find highly skilled and dependable contractors so the job is done correctly.

6 Selling Secrets Inside Your Home:

  1. Keep house clean and tidy. Put away clutter. No food or pet odors. Consider hiring professional cleaners.

2. Clean curtains and draperies. Display new linens. A stager or interior designer can do wonders.

3. Clean walls, doors and woodwork. Have them repainted. If you have dark or unusual colors, repaint them a neutral shade.

4. Make sure hinges and knobs are tightened, doors close properly and all faucets and toilets don’t leak.

5. Install an organizing system in the garage. Consider having the floor professionally sealed or covered.

6. Clean and spot-treat all carpeting, and polish or refinish wood floors. Replace weary vinyl flooring.

Spruce Up Your Home’s Exterior

Spring is the perfect time to go outdoors and tend to those areas that make a real difference in improving the value, function and look of your home.

Below are five selling tips that can help spruce up your home’s exterior:

1. Give your house a facelift with a fresh coat of paint.

2. Plant flowers and shrubs or consider a new landscape design.

3. Clean and repair walkways and driveways. A crack in the sidewalk can be an eyesore not to mention a liability.

4. Powerwash your deck and consider restaining it if necessary.

5. Replace or repair sagging gutters, screens or siding to make your home look neat and well maintained.