Because the cold weather outside can keep you inside, now is the time to make additions and update existing features to give your home a whole new feel. At Craftsmen Connection we will introduce you to prescreened professionals who can help you with all of your home improvement projects.

Remodel – or Build — a Bath

Few home improvements pay off when it’s time to sell as well as bathrooms. Not only will upgrading a tired bathroom enhance the value of your home, it will add to your daily comfort and enjoyment.

While white porcelain is the safe and timeless, our trusted contractors can help you design your dream escape.

And if your home has only one bathroom and is meant to house more than two people, you really should think about adding a bath. While you’re at it, look at the unfinished spaces in your home. Would finishing them be an appropriate way to add or enlarge a bath, without having to build?

Replace Your Flooring

Replacing carpet and flooring is a prime way to update your home. And when better than winter to seek the beauty and comfort new flooring affords? We can point you to trusted professionals who can help you figure out what type of carpet or flooring is best for you.

Have high-traffic areas, such as family rooms? Choose shorter carpets or even looped berber ones.

Did you get your linoleum a decade ago when it was the popular way to go? Replacing it with hardwood adds luxury, and opting for synthetic “hardwoods” adds ease. The options are literally endless, but your choice often depends on what you currently have on your floor. Ask a pro who knows.

Wake Up Your Walls

Want a quick way to lose the winter blues – and add value to your home? Have your walls and ceilings painted. We can recommend professional painters who can quickly and cleanly brighten your home.

A new coat of your existing color can make your room look neat and clean because it will cover the dirt and smudges every wall attracts. Or try an entirely new color for a more dramatic change!

Look at the furniture and features of a room and try to pick a color that combines these. Or ask us for professionals who can advise you. And, finishing a paint job with a clean white on your ceiling can give your home a completely updated look.

Winter Checklist

  • Remodel Your Bath
  • Replace Your Flooring
  • Upgrade Insulation
  • Install Closet Systems
  • Wake up Your Walls With Paint
  • Check and Maintain Furnace
  • Vacuum Air Registers
  • Check and Flush Water Heater
  • Maintain Your Fireplace and Chimney